Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cultural Change & Technology

I found myself saying "aha" and "Yep" quite a bit during the readings for class this week. I bring that up because, I usually do not read like that. But, something was being said throughout the articles that I could not help but agree with. It was the discussion concerning the need and use of critical thinking when taking advantage of what technology has to offer, whether it is information you are looking for or understanding how some technologies might make a persons' life better. Regardless of all that we have to gain from advancing technology we still need to rely on our own intuition, knowledge base, ability to discern right from wrong and/or the validity of information. With our ability to reason being challenged everyday are we preparing ourselves and our children to be able to handle it. Do we compromise ourselves and are we moving so fast that information being presented to us or as new technology is introduced to us is just accepted as the best thing for all of us? Don't misunderstand this thought, I appreciate the way and devices that support our ability to receive information, I only ask the question as a discussional item and my need to explore many perspectives.

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