Sunday, October 7, 2007

Education & Technology Thoughts 10/7/07

Condsidering how many of the technology related forecasts that have come in to regular use in education, and that educational leaders truly desire to further these efforts and this progress. Educators throughout our field to embrace the creativeness that they may want to explore. If educators feel that they can.......................wait a second, how can I begin to guess what all educators feel.
It is our responsibility as educational leaders to develop our field and advance our efforts, all efforts. With that said. How do we encourage all leaders at all levels to consider cultural change? One that embraces and allows educators to use or not use technology, give them tools and develop skills that allow them to further themselves as teachers. Educators need to see that they have opportunity to consider new technologies and feel supported in learning and developing teaching styles using these new tools.


Karen Renee said...

That is very intuitive, Eddie!

Markel said...

Change for the sake of change isn't enough though. I think it has to have tangible results. If you change the mindset to that of forward-thinking, I think it is inevitable that the use of new innovative tools will follow.